Wednesday, 6 October 2010

So, choral music. I hate that there's such a social stigma around it. I mean, it's such a brilliant thing to immerse yourself in. Maybe it's because I'm a musician that I can recognise when music is especially awesome (But who's to say that something is art if it requires a bit of knowledge to appreciate?) or maybe I just look for it more. Either way, singing in 8 part harmony is amazing! It's not all churchy stuff. Most stuff, including traditional choral music, is still much better. A lot is very dark as well, and even though I'm an atheist, I was raised Catholic, and there can be a cool feel to the dark side of it.

But we do other stuff as well, like covers of more contemporary songs, or weird conceptual pieces, or pieces from all over the world! I really do believe that more people should SING! And singing in harmony is one of the greatest forms of singing. Especially if people get hooked at a young age, I think the world would be a much nicer place!

Oh, but all tone deaf people must be shot.

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  1. i dont like the curch stuff but from time to time the contemporary covers are simply awesome!