Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Path To Enlightenment

On your search for the path for enlightenment,
Look not for the road already paved,
For many a man has traveled that way,
And ended up in a philosophical traffic jam.
Instead, look to walk where there are fewest footsteps,
Where the bushes and thorns block your path.
For it is in these directions that the rarest gems are found.
Though they may not glimmer the most, or be sought the most,
They are the most valuable, for few have found them.
Do not leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind you,
Or the masses may find you and tarnish your treasures,
And you have no reason to return to where they reside,
Once you have found a diamond of knowledge,
If you take it to the people, it will be made into coal,
And used to fuel their vehicles on the road to ignorance.

Travel where no path takes you,
And pray that the journey wakes you.


  1. What about taking the roads well traveled and cutting paths to join them?

  2. just get lost on those paths and you will find the diamond of irregularity